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BriLAN ® NOS - Network Operating System
BriLAN® Network Operating System (NOS) -  is highly optimized 32-bits Network Operating System designed for 80x86 processor architecture, capable of running on standard PC hardware. BriLAN® is an extremely lightweight solution, which converges many different standards and protocols to ensure that variety of Network interface (wireless, frame-relay, ATM, T1, Ethernet, or even analogue voice circuits) are supported and controlled through one ubiquitous system.


The seven years of continuous development and improvements, its stability, scalability and high performance pre-defined BriLAN® as “the kernel of choice” for number of Technology and OEM partners of SoftHill.  BriLAN® helps them to build highly efficient yet cost-effective devices to provide solutions for simultaneous data and voice connections - ranging from  simple point-to-point to more complex Point-to-Multipoint networks.   


Support for voice communication build in BriLAN® technology allows voice and data users to share bandwidth on a single network. Every call has an assigned dedicated channel, which is prioritized over the data, enabling BriLAN® to guarantee delivery of high quality voice communications.


BriLAN ® NMS - Network Management System


BriLAN®  Network Management System (NMS) is a software application (running on any Windows 32-bit OS) providing ability to manage BriLAN®  based devices remotely over the TCP/IP network.


BriLAN® NMS supports setup and monitoring of the BriLAN® NOS based devices with

the ability to display information for data flow, status of the devices, event logging, and more. Setup allows user to set all important hardware and software parameters of the device.


Supported Features and Functionalities


BriLAN® based devices offer a combination of functionality previously only achievable by using several products from multiple producers and vendors. Please see the links bellow for some of the features and functionalities supported by  BriLAN® NOS:

(click on the link bellow for more information and screen shots of BriLAN NMS)



  Standard IP Routing

  Advanced Traffic Shaping

  Packet Filtering

  Packet prioritization (Quality of Service)

  Wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections  – in routing as well as bridging  mode

  Wireless Access Point (for PC card based clients)

  Support for Radius Server Authentication and Accounting

  Support for multiple Interfaces in one device

  Support for low-end CPUs

  Complete collection of traffic statistics

  and .....more


Please follow the Technical support link to see the list of supported hardware Interfaces


Download BriLAN Feature list 


BriLAN Feature List - follow the links bellow to download document in Acrobat Reader format (.pdf or .zip files) with the screen shots and list of features as well as list of supported hardware.


BriLAN Features and screen shots - .pdf file (630 KB)


BriLAN Features and screen shots - .zip file (600 KB)


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