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SoftHill Partner Solution Programs
Typical partners have core competencies with their market segment.   Wherever the company focuses on producing the least expensive, most rugged, best marketed or specializes in a marker segment that is unique to their client base.

  SoftHill Partner Solution can aid the time to market, through the embedding of the BriLAN NOS within your product range.  

Utilizing the industry expertise within SoftHill, the BriLAN NOS can easily and rapidly integrated into your business solutions, providing superior functionality at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining functionality to industry standards.


OEM Partners


OEM Partner Solutions

 Partnering with SoftHill to provide OEM solutions for both Hardware and Software not only offers additional revenue sources, but will distinguish your OEM products from the others when clients are looking to create network based hardware solutions.    

 The SoftHill Consulting group will work with you and your clients, to create dynamic devices that can be manufactured and deployed to market within a dramatically short time frame.    Additionally, if you are currently supplying the OEM boards to companies who develop network devices or appliances, the addition of the BriLAN NOS to your family of products will provide you with a reason to contact your client and upsell additional services and solutions.    SoftHill is ready to meet directly with OEM solution Partners to discuss current and future business needs.

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Device Manufactures


    Embedded Partner Solutions


Through the licensing of the BriLAN NOS onto your current product architecture, SoftHill's partners can promote the advanced features and functionalities, whilst maintaining a fixed product deployment cost.    BriLAN NOS also reduces your future development costs, ensuring that you are not constantly developing source code to meet new standards of features and functionality.  In short:


    Rapid Product Deployment

The BriLAN NOS can be deployed directly over any 80x86 hardware architecture, ensuring rapid deployment - even to remote locations where existing devices may exist.

Additionally, Once embedded, the BriLAN NOS powered solution can be deployed to market with little or no effort.    In many instances, our partners simply refer to the BriLAN Powered device as an upgrade to their existing product line, or a completely new product introduction.


    Broad Interface Support

BriLAN NOS is designed to work with off-the-shelf components, ensuring that your products have the flexibility to utilize most industry standard products.


    Smooth Integration

BriLAN NOS can be embedded after manufacturing, or within your current manufacturing process, ensuring a smooth integration to your product development cycle.  In addition, through the SoftHill Integration Consulting team, the BriLAN NOS can be modified to suit your specific product requirements. 


    Improved Features and Functionality

In a many instances, deployment of the BriLAN NOS provides not only a replacement to the current operating system architecture, but includes unique features such as the support of standard voice telemetry and Secure Access Point functionality in an all-in-one solution. 


    Fixed Product Costs

Since the cost of the operating system architecture remains constant, you have complete control over your product deployment costs and remove the possibilities of research and development over-runs in the area of the business that is not your primary focus.

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Network Provider Solutions

If you are a Network Service Provider, you will understand the costs associated with deploying broadband solutions to clients, and the need to maintain a competitive advantage over your associates.   

With BriLAN NOS, you can create and deploy your own network device solutions, utilizing OEM based hardware, or even the standard PC products you have within your organization.    BriLAN NOS offers you the ability to quickly and seamlessly deploy a solution as a fixed wire edge device, or as a wireless last mile solution.   In addition, through the ability to support Virtual LANs and Groups (either as fixed wire or wireless LAN), you have the ability to service one or more tenants in a building, securely and with minimum hardware outlay.    

Features such as the ability to support standard telephone signals also offer you the opportunity to move from the provision of data networks only, to become a Voice and Data provider, capitalizing on the increased revenue driven by Long Distance minutes.    SoftHill Consulting is pleased to assist in the development of such an architecture and assisting you in working with the local telecommunications companies to your benefit.


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