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"BB 400" - BriLAN® multiport board

BB 400 board - has being developed to help SoftHill's partners build their own BriLAN based devices.

To help our partners to build their own devices SoftHill has developed HW board specifically suitable to run BriLAN NOS. "BB 400" board has build-in 2 Ethernet ports(10/100 Mbps), 2 PCMCIA slots (for wireless 802.11 b supported cards) and 1 COM port.

BB 400 is suitable for creating of devices for Wireless POP, supporting combination of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point connections from box.  It can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor installations.

For the installations required mounting of BB 400 close to the outdoor antenna Softhill offers POE-X - power injector to power board via Ethernet wiring.


  • 133 Mhz AMD Elan SC520
  • 6 Mbyte SDRAM, soldered on board
  • 1 Mbit BIOS/BOOT Flash
  • CompactFLASH Type I/II socket
  • 2 -  10/100 Mbit Ethernet ports, RJ-45
  • 2 - PCMCIA sockets (for optional wireless cards)
  • 1 Serial port, DB9


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BBP 200 - optional extension board (2xPCMCIA or 2 x MiniPCI)

Optional plug-in board available for BB-400 board  - to expand useable ports to 4. There are two versions of BBP 200 available -  either MiniPCI or PCMCIA.

Please contact us for more details.



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