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NOS - Network Operating System

NMS - Network Management System




Wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections with BriLAN

 NMS Main


 Static IP Routing

 Traffic Shaping

 Packet Filtering

 Packet priority

 PtMP and PTP

 Wireless AP

 Radius support

 Multiple Interfaces

 Low-end CPUs


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Download fully functional BriLAN NMS




BriLAN supports wireless communication using standard 802.11 b interfaces.

Communication between BriLAN based devices is using BriLAN own protocol, making

connection very effective and protected against unauthorized use. BriLAN NOS optimizes

performance of standard wireless interfaces providing stabile and fast connection at the edge of max.

possible throughput for short distances as well as for long distance  connections (over 20 miles).


Connection modes:


  Point-to-Point - connection between two points on the network. (CPE and/or POP devices)

  Infrastructure client communication as a part of the AP Infrastructure based network

      (CPE device).

  Point-to-Multipoint - Infrastructure Wireless Access Point - providing gateway to a

     Network/Internet (POP device)