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NOS - Network Operating System

NMS - Network Management System




Wireless Access Point with BriLAN

 NMS Main


 Static IP Routing

 Traffic Shaping

 Packet Filtering

 Packet priority

 PtMP and PTP

 Wireless AP

 Radius support

 Multiple Interfaces

 Low-end CPUs


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Download fully functional BriLAN NMS




BriLAN supports wireless communication using standard 802.11 b interfaces used in PC as a

client connection Interface with AP.


Connection modes:


  Point-to-Multipoint - Infrastructure Wireless Access Point - providing gateway to a

     Network/Internet (communicating with BriLAN based CPE devices and/or PC based clients)


Statistical data per each client (including signal/link quality) are presented over series of

screens within BriLAN NMS (Network Management System)