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Bandwidth Management using BriLAN - easy and effective

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Speed limit, and queue membership are customizable rules for the Traffic Shaping service of BriLAN based WISP AP, available in Traffic Shaping Manager part.


BriLAN based device regulates packet transfer rate on ports or network nodes meeting the specific demands on the network throughput. Without limiting the packet transfer rate users can achieve traffic performance up to maximum speed  of the wireless or Ethernet interface. Speed can limit data flow on a physical Port or logical group of Network Nodes.


Ports or Network Nodes can be defined by MAC or IP addresses in 128 independent Traffic Shaping Queues. All Queues with 512 Kb shared data buffer, working at user defined data speed limit, can be independently started or stopped.


Traffic shaping queues

  128 queues available


Queue speed limit

  predefined (from 32 Kbps up to 4096 Kbps

  custom assignment



 per physical port (up to 24 ports in one device)

 per IP address  (up to 128 user definable records of IP hosts and/or network addresses)

 per MAC address (up to 2048 MAC addresses)



Other Features:

Queue Operation Status

  Active running based on settings

  Inactive keeps settings queue in BYPASS mode

  Discard settings in Active mode data will be blocked (discarded) for user


Statistical information:

  Utilization of the queue

  Buffer usage

  Amount of data transferred, dropped (did not processed by queue buffer overload)