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BriLAN® Technology

The BriLAN NOS - SoftHill's proprietary embedded Network Operating System -  is an extremely lightweight solution, which converges many different standards and protocols to ensure that variety of standard Hardware platforms and standard Network interfaces (wireless, frame-relay, ATM, T1/E1, Ethernet, or even analogue voice circuits) are supported and controlled through one ubiquitous system.  BriLAN technology enables hardware Manufactures,  System Integrators, Value Added Resellers, ISP and variety other users to build their own network devices tailored to their own needs.

Softhill now offers communication hardware board - "BB 400"  - developed and optimized to run BriLAN NOS. Softhill provides it's partners with the ability to create one of the most versatile solutions on the market. Click Hardware link to see the details.

Sophisticated Network Management System - BriLAN NMS - enables users manage, setup and monitor performance of BriLAN based devices  remotely from anyplace of the Globe!  Download and install BriLAN NMS and see for yourself!


SoftHill Technologies Ltd.

SoftHill Technologies Ltd. -  is a Canadian company with development and support locations in both Europe and Canada, focusing it's business operations on licensing of the BriLAN product to manufactures worldwide.

Through the licensing of the Operating System, SoftHill is able to maintain its core competency and further develop and refine the product without having to introduce an assembly and product manufacturing process. Likewise, hardware manufactures are able to focus on the development of the physical hardware and interfaces, creating better, more cost effective solutions without having to become software developers. For many of the niche manufactures, such as those focused on the development of wireless network devices, the introduction of the BriLAN NOS into their product range, not only instantly provides a robust, feature rich operating architecture, but also permits the manufacture to instantly offer greater depth to their solutions competing in the general network arena, while providing technical excellence in their field of expertise


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